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What do Schools think?

“… the world’s largest online Technology Training Directory”

With thousands of websites on the internet offering countless technology training tutorials and lessons; who really does have the best? Who can offer the most accurate and detailed learning material for the myriad of programs and Apps being used by students, businesses and consumers alike?

Today's computer-users, quite rightly so, want and expect, fast, accurate, user-friendly information that they can access RIGHT NOW!

Our Online Technology Training Directory delivers just that!

For more than two years thecomputerschool.net has thoroughly researched and analyzed the ‘best of the best’ technology training material available anywhere on the internet.

We’ve then collated and categorized an incredible amount of Content to create the world’s largest, and most user-friendly ‘Technology Training Directory’ … operating via a secure and very simple ‘two-click’ process.

Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Androids, Google, MYOB, Social Networking and much much more. Thousands of the highest quality tutorials and lessons developed by original program developers and selected third parties, all available in one directory…

Technology Training Directory.

With more than a million Library Members, School Students, Teachers, Parents and even Grandparents having access to our Directory it's easy to see why we're experiencing more than 37,000 secure ‘page-views’ and nearly 60,000 Hits every single day (2yr avge).