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For yourself, a friend or family member, or even the entire family ...

There is no finer gift one can give, other than the Gift of Education!

WELCOME TO TheComputerSchool SHOP

You may have already purchased a one, two, or three year Training Package (or Voucher), from one of our partner retailers, or online associates. If so, please proceed straight to the enrolment form to complete your registration. (Click the Register Button below)

You will then be able to enter your Voucher Number, Store ID, or Promotional Code to immediately receive your entitled package, at no charge.

If you are using your Voucher as a GIFT to a family member or friend, please enter the details of the recipient who will be enrolled into TheComputerSchool, they will then receive a Welcome (Introductory) Email with their Getting-Started, and login details.

Don't have a Voucher or Promotional Code?

View our current PROMOTIONS to see if there are any concessions available for the type of registration you are seeking. (Click the Register Button below to view available package)