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Welcome to TheComputerSchool, an online computer and technology-based training centre, providing one of the largest and most diverse, and user-friendly, Technology Training Directories available anywhere, and as you are about to see, our TTD includes engaging and detailed tutorials and lessons covering an extensive and varied range of virtually all of today's most commonly used computer and technology-based programs, apps and devices, and most related topics etc.

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Our training resources have recently advanced with the introduction of MyTECHlopedia, a vast glossary of more than 200,000 technology terms and related links. MyTECHlopedia provides immediate access to simple but detailed explanations of concepts as basic as all-in-one printers and as complex as asynchronous data, all with user-friendly one-click navigation. Explore MyTECHlopedia from the top toolbar when and as required. Read More >>

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TheComputerSchool.Net's Technology Training Directory (TTD) has in excess of 22,000+ Tutorials and related Lessons. All have been fully collated and categorised for easy use & navigation.
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NEW 2017 MyTECHlopedia
Release Date 8th May 2017
Beginners Kids Safety Cyber Safety

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