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Whether being accessed directly from within a School Library or a Public Library, there is no easier, faster, and more accurate way for School Students, Teachers, Librarians, Members and Staff to noticeably enhance their own personal understanding (confidence & Skill), of the myriad of today’s computer and technology learning requirements.

Thecomputerschool’s Technology Training Directory (TTD) has been specifically developed to provide all students and members with a valuable resource for fast and effective learning purposes ... designed to deliver quick-lesson education across a suite of the most commonly used computer and technology programs, devices and applications.

Established in 1999, TheComputerSchool NETWORK is an interactive Online Computer and Technology-based Education Centre that has evolved into one of the most used and user-friendly Technology Training Directories available globally - 16,000+ Lessons, Tutorials, related Tasks and Exercises covering all of today's most popular and commonly used technologies.

All TTD content has been individually and purposefully selected and categorised by Teachers, Lecturers & ICT Educators, offering our users quick- lesson ICT Training with clear, precise, step-by-step instructions guiding them from Beginner to Advanced Levels of understanding and skill ... and anywhere in between!

User-Friendly & Easy To Navigate with OneCLICK: A key Feature in our TTD - allowing 'users' to move instantly from any Module within the TTD, to any other selected module within the TTD ... WITH JUST OneCLICK.

Once registered, all of your library members and staff (or students & teachers) receive; unlimited 24/7 secure remote access to thousands of ‘detailed’ and user-friendly tutorials and lessons.

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